‘NPO Spotlight’ offers the reader a glance into the varied and multifaceted world of Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs) on St. Maarten. Building a nation is always a mammoth task and globally NPOs have often taken the giant’s share of the work and St. Maarten is no different.

For the first ‘NPO Spotlight’ Foresee Foundation will be showcased to encourage more NPOs to register to participate.Established in 2018 as a unique and evolving response to the need for facilitating greater output, cooperation and effectiveness of the already very active NPO community on St. Maarten, NPOwer is a community-based project falling under auspices of Foresee Foundation. One of the foundation’s goals is to highlight the important role of NPOs.St. Maarten has a large number of NPOs. Most of them are relatively small organizations that function with volunteers and/or have less than ten [10] employed persons. Considering the critical role they play in the community, the local NPOs have indicated that there is a need for support in terms of marketing, capacity strengthening and awareness.

This need prompted Foresee Foundation, with funding from Samenwerkende Fondsen, to add this to their NPOwer initiative as part of a series of programs that include ‘NPO Spotlight’. The weekly publication of this column in The Daily Herald’s Weekender is in collaboration with the selected featured NPO and The Daily Herald. “It is our fervent hope the NPOs showcased in our ‘NPO Spotlight’ enlighten, motivate and empower the relevant change, awareness, activism and evolution needed for the continued development of St. Maarten,” said President of Foresee Foundation Leonaris Lloyd.

The NPOs featured, in what will be the weekly space, is dedicated to highlighting groups and initiatives that makes this island a better place and were selected from NPOwer’s online NPO database.  

“This database is an ever-growing machine that will one day smoothly connect people to purpose in a way that will exponentially benefit our island,” said the group’s Marketing Director Alston Lourens. NPOs that are currently not part of the database are urged to register via www.npowersxm.com.  

This series of publications via ‘NPO Spotlight’ serves to also connect the people of St. Maarten to initiatives and groups that would inspire volunteerism.

“We are a small nation that must learn to embrace the need and value of volunteerism,” Lourens said adding, “over the years, we have facilitated a range of volunteer events, however nothing compared to the work and initiatives our featured NPOs have accomplished over the many years of their existence on St Maarten.”‘NPO Spotlight’ aims to showcase their continued efforts to build our nation.

HIAS - World Refugee Day - UNHCR

SMDF - Learn smart

CPS - Kooyman

Carib Swim Team - New Start

Voice of the youth youth brigade - volunteers

WYCCF - Psychiatric Care

SJIS foster care month

Sadhu Vaswani Center - 2023

Join A Life Saving team

Down Syndrome St. Maarten and Caribbean Foundation

The Now Generation Foundation

Sint Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation

Breathe Better Air

NIA Excels at First Inter-Caribbean Dance Competition

St. Maarten Aids Foundation reminds us to 'Love Safe'

NPOwer Connect and Inspire

Safe Haven

Funtopia Youth Initiative Foundation

Animal Welfare, SXM Paws, Animal Defenders and American based 4 Leaf Rover


Nature Foundation - Zakiya Peterson

MAC Community School Programme

Foresee Foundation Jose Sommers

Island Gems

Red Cross

Nature Foundation Eusebio

Rudy Davis Foundation

Nature Foundation Delhon Hewitt

NIA persons Ana Rogers Dimas

EGO Person Edsel Hooker

Freegan Food

Proud Breast


New Start for Children Foundation

Sint Maarten Animal Welfare Turns 30

Emma Foundation

Rudolph Davis Performing Arts Dance

Sint Maarten Social Workers Association

Asha Stevens

NPOwer Survey 2022

Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben

Teen Times


NIPA Oil Change

Player Development by Lines

Animal Defenders Mohana Caesar

Sint Maarten National Heritage Foundation and Museum

Sint Maarten Youth Brigade

SJIS Foster Care

All About A Smile

CIFSEF's Mariflore Bouciquo is our steadfast volunteer

721 Kids Foundation offers a dynamic way to learn

Personality Feature for Elektralyets Foundation: Mercedes van der Waals- Wyatt

EPIC: Taking strides in protecting the environment

CIFCEF: Striving to make a difference for the less fortunate of the island

Soualiga Capoeira building a healthy body and state of mind

Voluntourism at its best at Volunteer.sx

Player Development: Using sport to reach our youth

Island Gems Charity Foundation: Providing funding for sustainable projects

St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation: Reminding us the animals need to be treated humanely

St. Maarten Animal Welfare Foundation: Reminding us the animals deserve to be treated humanely

Voice of the Youth St. Maarten highlights some of their volunteers

Brahma Kumaris: Dedicated to enrichting your soul

Animal Defenders St. Maarten: Bringing compassion, care and awareness

Volunteer.sx: Where you make worthwhile things happen

Ervaringsgericht Onderwijs EGO Foundation: Provides an all-round experience for children

Freegan Food Foundation: Sees one person's waste as another's treasure

St. Maarten Nature Foundation: Preserve, enhance St. Maarten's natural environment

SECDA supports the centers that form St. Maarten's future

Connecting the elderly in a safe and stimulating way

Fritz Pantophlet: "Don't misunderstand the abilities of the disabled."

Safe Haven offers not only shelter but a lifeline to a happy life

St. Maarten AIDS Foundation says get tested

Our Creations St. Maarten Art & Craft Foundation: A guardian of St. Maarten's cultural identity

Educare Foundation focused on pre and postnatal support

Beyond Kultura Events Foundation a guardian of culture

JCY SXM A.C.T.I.O.N motivating young people to positive action

Excellence Learning Academy helping students to reach their full potential

Meeting the Needs of the most vulnerable in St. Maarten

WIEMS fuelled by community interaction

Building Minds, Bodies, Leaders for St. Maarten

SMYC Brings Sailing to SXM's Youth

Hearts United Makes a World of DIfference

Seeing a need created Foresee Foundation

MAC Comm School Programme

Nature Foundation Zakiya Peterson

EPIC why do we litter

Joint animal spay neuter campaign

Funtopia Youth Initiative

Safe Haven Val Day

NPOwer conference 2023

SAF Val day

NIA dance comp

Breathe Better Air Book

Animal Welfare Year Report

The Now Generation Foundation

Down Syndrome St. Maarten

Sadhu Vaswani Center St Maarten

SMDF Learn Smart

World Refugee Day HIAS