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All Children's Education School

All Children's Education School

The “All Children’s Education Foundation” is an N.G.O. and has been established since the year 2001.The goal of the A.C.E Foundation is to educate all children, based on the Fundamental Rights of the Child and the Principle of Education For All (EFA).All children regardless of their religion, country of origin, social status, cultural background and ethnicity are educated with the skills and knowledge in all subjects relevant in the Foundation Based Education. All students who have reached group 8 at our school will be able to do the national exam “ F.B.E. Group 8 Exit Exam” to gain entrance in the various secondary schools based on their results. Next to the F.B.E. Group 8 Exit Exam, the students 15 years or older but younger than 18 will be able to be placed either in Form 2 or 3 based on their result of a placement exam. This transition is very important especially for those students who have already began their secondary education in their country. As a school, we provides continuous support to the immigrant population to enhance English Communicative Competence starting from basic oral and written skills of the English language, therefore, creating the bridge for success in other subject areas.

Primary contact: 
Claire Elshot
Secondary contact: 
Union road #18 cole bay
Hours of operation: 
Monday-Friday, 7:30-12:30
Target group: 
Children (ages 0 to 17)
Type of organization: 
Schools, Education (includes Daycares and Afternoon Schools)
Registered with the Chamber of Commerce: 
Latest year of Chamber registration
2015 or before
Chamber of Commerce number:


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