May 13, 2020

Project: Strengthening non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – Feedback URGENTLY needed!

Dear NPO board/Manager,

St. Maarten, like the rest of the world, is in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis and is affected at various fronts. Our civic society organizations/ non-profit sector have a long history of supporting our community in insurmountable ways, ranging from creative activities to caring services. As times are challenging with lots of insecurities concerning employment, the financial position of government, and the instability and uncertainty of businesses, and people in general, the non-profit sector will definitely be highly involved in whatever lies ahead for our society's future. Therefore, NPOwer is of the strong opinion that we do a solid and thorough assessment on where our NPO sector stands, and let our united voices be heard.

This comprehensive NGO stakeholders survey serves the following purposes:

- Assess the current state-of-affairs of our non-profit organizations

-Attain insight and understanding about the effects that COVID-19
may have on the functioning of operations of the non-profit sector

- Ascertain how prospective changes will influence St. Maarten society.

- Share the findings of the survey with the St. Maarten Government,
funders and other national and international stakeholders.

- Advise stakeholders based on the outcome of this survey.

The survey was a conjoined effort, that include perspectives from various stakeholders and community partners, and so the community looks forward to your 15 minute commitment in responding to the survey. Please have a person that is involved in the day-to-day operations of your organization complete this confidential survey. A joint effort or approach is also encouraged for completion. The names of organizations and persons will not be disclosed in our final reporting and dissemination of the results.

Click here to take the COVID-19 Stakeholders Survey

Thank you,

Team NPOwer