May 1, 2020


SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - St. Maarten Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) are asked to fill out a survey administered by NPOwer, a program under Foresee Foundation. The survey, although initiated by NPOwer, received input from various stakeholders of the community, leading to a questionnaire that is extensive and comprehensive.

Director of Foresee Foundation, Jose Sommers expressed, “We need to assess the current state-of-affairs of our non-profit organizations and attain insight and understanding about the effects that COVID-19 may have on the functioning of operations. With the data survey we can ascertain how prospective changes in civic society may influence St. Maarten society, and we can share the results with the St. Maarten Non-Profit Sector, Government, funders and other national and international stakeholders.”

Cassandra Richardson, NPOwer Project Coordinator further explains that several NPOs and volunteers usually “step-up and take care of the community in times of crisis”. Ms. Richardson expressed further, “we experienced this during hurricane Irma and many hurricanes before and it will be no different with this crisis.”

The survey is not to only capture the reality of how NPO’s are operating in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we also hope to show trends of how the St. Maarten society on a whole is reacting as a result of this crisis.

As mentioned above, NPOs will be able to already access the survey as they received an email concerning this initiative. The survey can also be accessed through the NPOwer website at or by opening the link

All non-profit organizations are asked to fill out the survey this week. For more information organizations can contact NPOwer by sending an email to or calling

581 5050.

For those organizations who have not yet joined the NPOwer online database with already over 85 organizations, they are invited to do so and make themselves visible to St. Maarten and abroad.

“Helping NPOwer to build its data base helps with administering research, provide vital information to NPO’s and helps to get your own organization’s information to other NPO’s as well”, according to Ms. Richardson

NPOwer is a project of the Foresee (4C) Foundation and mandated to support in capacity building and connect the St. Maarten NPO community, the statement from the NPOwer Team, Cassandra Richardson and Jose Sommers said on Sunday.