June 29, 2020

NPOwer Releases COVID-19 Survey results!

Saunders, St.Maarten – St. Maarten, like the rest of the world, has experienced and struggles against the setbacks afforded by the COVID-19 crisis. Our civic society organizations/ non-profit sector has a long history of supporting our community in insurmountable ways, ranging from creative activities to caring services. As we have experienced challenging times with lots of insecurities concerning employment, the financial position of government, and the instability and uncertainty of businesses, the non-profit sector has been an essential component in helping the community to overcome our toughest moments.  Therefore, NPOwer setoff on a journey to explore how NPOs fared during the time of the COVID-19 lockdown. The project performed a cross-sectional study not only to survey how theNPO’s were doing, but also how their beneficiaries/clients were weathering the storm. After 5 grueling weeks of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data,the NPOwer team is excited to announce that we are finally at the stage where we are ready to release what we have found.


The NPOwer project has a few goals for the survey and they are as follows:

 ü  Assess the current state-of-affairs of our non-profit organizations

ü  Attain insight and understanding about the effects that COVID-19 may have on the functioning of operations of the non-profit sector

ü  Ascertain how prospective changes will influence St. Maarten society.

ü  Share the findings of the survey with the St. Maarten Government, funders and other national and international stakeholders.

ü  Advise stakeholders based on the outcome of this survey.


Although initiated by NPOwer, the survey was a conjoined effort between variouss takeholders and community partners.

 The pubic will be able to access the report by clicking here.