April 23, 2021


The Foresee Foundation would like to inform the general public that NPOwer's May to July Workshops are now open for registration online.  The initial 9 workshops available now cover a range of topics on a very basic and practical level.

Very critical competencies like Project Management, having SMART Objectives and Report Writing are workshops that every board member should want to freshen up on or learn a new perspective on. Grant Writing with an application form will provide participants with the understanding and confidence to apply.

How good is a project is it has no money? Register for topics like Basic Accounting, Working with a Budget and Insurance for NGOs to make sure your organization is always crossing the T's and dotting the I's financially.

Organizations should be organized so consider the beginners level Google Suite for NGOs and if you're organization is interested in any garden projects join the 8 week course provided by and at the ECO St Maarten Agricultural Research and
Development Center.

Unless specified all workshops will be held at our central training location which is the Office of R4CR/Samenwerkende Fondsen, located at Illidge Road #60, Unit 1.1. Ofcourse due to the covid19 pandemic the maximum participants per workshop is 12 persons (maximum 2 persons per organization). All participants are required to adhere to the general standard COVID-19 safety requirements such as wearing a face mask, social distancing and sanitization.

Organizations registered in the NPOwer Online Registry can have 2 participants registered for free. Each additional participant pays a non-refundable fee of $5 p/hr.

Space is limited which means attendance needs to be taken seriously, so, NPOwer is forced to enforce a 'no-show deposit' which is an advanced payment that will be required for each participant. This payment is a deposit that will be fully reimbursed after the participant has attended and completed the workshop. With current limitations we do not want registrants not showing up while other interested NGOs had to be turned away. We want to show respect to our funder who finances this project and the presenters who take a lot of time to prepare these courses for our NGO community.

Registration is open and your organization can register at www.bit.ly/npowerworkshops

For more information contact the NPOwer team at npowersxm@gmail.com or +1 721 523 9188.