Grant Writing (Part 1)

Total hours:
Margot Mesnard
May 18, 2021

This workshop will cover the A to Z of grant writing to write a compelling proposal fitting the format of the application form. Learn to identify key words and develop and articulate your ideas to present your project. Become familiar with the theory of change, risk management, logframe matrix and budget writing. Understand the importance of researching similar initiatives and to forge partnerships. We will see why it is important to set up your grant writing plan ahead of time to allow for substantive reviews and proofreading. Submitting your application is not the end of the work, some tips will be given to follow-up on your application and make sure it ends up on the right person’s desk and stands out from the pile to give your project maximum chances of getting funded. Practical hands-on exercises will allow you to work on your current application and get tailored advice.

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