Effective Publicity

Total hours:
May 15, 2021

Too often, Non-government Organizations (NGOs) are challenged by getting the correct, effective and target specific publicity. It is important in the St. Maarten/St. Martin and surrounding island context, to understand and utilize island specific methods of getting your messaging across to a target audience and effectively managing the generated publicity. Therefore an effective publicity management course is highly valued in this super fast-paced world of information sharing.

The course offered will be delivered in three two-hour sessions. Participants will be trained in communication techniques, networking skills and the logistics associated with maximizing your NGOs’ presence and capacity. It will allow you achieve your planned outcomes with greater efficiency. Through this course you will gain an understanding of the most important issues when planning and evaluating publicity strategies and execution techniques.
After this course, participants will be able to manage, maximize and tailor-make their publicity strategy. You will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure you make correct decisions when it comes to communications and the use of publicity tools. It will boost your overall communications skills-set and strengthen or develop new competencies.

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